Experienced software architect and certified Hyperledger Fabric developer focusing on blockchain and distributed ledger applications, enhancing current business model to benefit from private/public based blockchains.

Solid knowledge of the concepts behind public and private blockchains.

Hands on myriad of programming languages Golang, Solidity, Java, JavaScript and cryptography applications.


September 2018 - present

Sr. Blockchain Architect

SAP SE, Singapore

  • Develop prototypes for solving business challenges using Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum and Ethereum
  • Explore related business opportunities with customers and discuss how to leverage blockchain to solve it
  • Engage with sales team in showcasing benefits of leveraging cloud blockchain solutions

January - September 2018

Blockchain Evangelist

SAP SE, Dubai, UAE

  • Explain and promote using blockchain technology to management and colleagues to position in our portfolio
  • Explain the advantage and the challenges of using blockchains from enterprise perspective
  • Member of an internal Financial Unit committee evaluating blockchain related and proposed use cases
  • Design integration points with SAP solutions
  • Design and implement proof of concepts to evaluate potential use cases

2016 – Present

Crypto and Blockchain

  • Hyperledger Fabric - Certified

    • Architect/Developer with strong competency and hands on experience on developing complete private networks between multiple organizations for asset transfers
    • Set up network components such as orderers, peers, Couch DB, Certificate Authorities (CA), CLIs and Docker containers
    • Generate certificates using the cryptogen tool
    • Create channels for specific private data exchange
    • Generate channels genesis blocks and anchor peer transaction files using configtx tool
    • Join peers to channels
    • Write and deploy chain code to peers using Go Lang
    • Use chain code access control to grant access and determine permission at function level
    • Use endorsement policies to control the chain code access on the chain code as a whole
    • Generate certificates using a bash scripts that is compatible with the fabric certificate authority
    • Use fabric Certificate Authority to generate certificates and control active access to network
    • Use Kafka for productive orderer consensus mechanism
    • Client based interaction with the network (Go, Java, JavaScript)
  • Ethereum

    • Write smart contracts using Solidity with emphasis on optimization
    • Develop reusable solidity libraries
    • Debug smart contracts
    • Compile and deploy smart contracts
    • Use truffle smart contract development framework
    • Use web3 library and communicate with the contract from JavaScript based applications
    • Combine web3 and truffle with Angular.js framework to produce DApps
    • Leverage knowledge of the Ethereum Virtual Machine to minimize execution costs
    • Understand consensus mechanisms such as proof of work and proof of stake

August 2012 – present

Senior Software Developer/Funds Management Architect


  • Localize SAP financial products for MENA/Arabic speaking countries with specialty in fund management (Public Sector)
  • Discuss and clarify market requirement with the stakeholders to prepare development backlog
  • Create Architecture Design Documents for new solutions
  • Create Software Design Documents for new and existing solutions
  • Guide developers during project implementations
  • Demo solutions to stakeholders and customers
  • Support customer incidents
  • Handle customer escalations related to technical solution

August 2011 – 2012

SAP ABAP Senior Technical Consultant

ABB, Cairo, Egypt

  • Transfer/migrate of old programs and SAP Script forms to the new system and Change of all logos and names on various forms: invoices, purchase orders, payment notes with automatic display of user signature on the form
  • Enhanced invoicing copy routines to produce multiple invoices for each company code according to sales order material
  • HRGT - HR Group Tools
  • Sending local Egypt HR PA-OM from SAP system to the Global System in Zurich Using SAP interfaces - IDOCs
  • Develop the IDOC/ALE Extraction Program for PA-OM Interfaces in country system
  • Develop the PA-OM Mapping Tables and corresponding Custom Info types
  • CCP - Common Configuration Platform
  • A global tendering/quotation tool for Power Product division in Italy for creating automatic Quotation/Sales order from the IDOCs sent from the CCP system (Preorder data)
  • Sales Order Notification SMS
  • Sending SMS from SAP system to specific division managers based on the sales order data when sales order exceeds a specific limit
  • Rewire Africa
  • Developing BDCs for data migration
  • Creating customer functions in the payroll driver to overcome PCR limitations

August 2011 – Present

SAP ABAP Senior Technical Consultant

Smart Consulting Solutions, Cairo, Egypt

  • Develop pricing condition solution to meet customer business requirements –Parent/Child Tariffs
  • Enhance Customer master (XD01) to update Pricing Conditions screen VK12
  • Develop Dynamic ALV Cost Statement
  • Develop Branches Cost Statement report
  • Enhance general posting (FB50) transaction with customer specific fields
  • Enhance accounting documents with customer specific metadata

Feb 2011 – Aug 2011

SAP ABAP Senior Technical Consultant

Trans IT, Cairo, Egypt

  • Develop ALV reports for Asset master data
  • Utilize LSMW to upload Vendor/Customer Master Data
  • Integrate third party Ticketing system (EJADA) with SAP FI via IDOCs
  • Develop a process to post the ticket rates to SAP FI module

July 2005 – January 2011

SAP ABAP Consultant

American University, Cairo, Egypt

  • Prepare full specifications requirements for Technical developments
  • Implement automatic payment email notification
  • Troubleshooting PY posting to FI
  • Develop header sub screen for Entering Customer invoice (FB70)
  • Develop ALV drill down reports

2007 – 2011 Freelancer Technical Consultant

  • Design and implement Pharmacy Information Systems utilizing Oracle Database 11g and Forms 10g